The “I can’t believe it’s NOT an OREO” Recipe

Are you guys sitting down? If not please do so. I’ll wait……ok, good. What I’m going to share with you will knock your socks off! Are you wearing shoes? I think you should take them off, so as to keep them from ripping a hole from where your socks knocked out of…I’ll wait……ok, good. What I have here is a recipe for, what tastes JUST LIKE OREOS!


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 bag of Oreos
  • 1 butter knife

Proceed to scratch off the logo from the Oreo using the butter knife. That’s it! Serve these up at your next formal dinner party. Your guests will be blown away by how similar these taste to the real thing!

3 cavities

3 cavities

recipe: me...ok I lied. I saw it on an episode of Murphy Brown...the one where Murphy is trying to get her son into a pre-school and needs to impress the admissions person with something home-baked, so she gets Miles to buy her cookies to pawn off as her own, he gets oreos and then they're left scrambling to scratch off the logo

Pro Life tip:


Poke the cream filling of the Oreo with a fork. Now dunk away.

This allows the Oreo to get extra soggy (remember, wait for all the bubbles to stop) while still allow them to go into your mouth-hole in one piece.

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