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Long-lost peanut butter cookie recipe

Some years back I had baked up a batch of the best peanut butter cookies. Like legitimately good. Like the god’s handed a recipe down to mortals good. Unfortunately I’ve lost this recipe šŸ˜¦ And I’m afraid that I’ll never

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Cookie butter cookies

If cookie’s in the name twice you know these cookies are the ISH! And they are! Initially this recipe called for peanut butter, buuuuut I’ve gone ahead and substituted peanut butter for Trader Joe’s Cookie ButterĀ (they even have a FaceBook

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Oreo Cookie Balls!

Now after watching that, there’s no way you WOULDN’T wanna make this dessert! Here are the ingredients: 1 bag of oreos (buy 2 because you’re probobally gonna eat most of them) 1 box of Phillidelphia cream cheese 4 boxes of

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